Homelands, places of belonging

Homelands, places of belonging

Homelands, places of belonging is a community co-creation project for and by newcomer and refugee artists led by the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation and its partners. 


Newcomer/refugee artists collaborate with partners from the socio-cultural sector and engage in a process of artistic co-creation with the local community. A colorful mix of projects will arise with the notion of “HOMELANDS” as a common thread: an artistic search of what it means to feel at home, to belong to a place, a city or a community. 

The Homelands project promotes social inclusion by creating a sustainable dialogue between Belgian citizens and newcomers/refugees through one of the most powerful tools of each culture: ART. 

Throughout the project, the artists and their partners will receive intensive training and advice from the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation’s Artists Ambassadors and experts. 

Our mission: to give newcomer/refugee artists the opportunity to take their place as artists in society, to co-create and share their knowledge with the host community and to become the intercultural mediators of tomorrow. 

The project is aimed at a much wider audience than the artists direclty involved in the project, and reaches out to very diverse groups of society, including newcomers, refugees and young people with a immigrant background. In this way, we hope to foster a sense of empowerment and belonging for these artists and create a tangible benefit for the community. 

“Homelands, places of belonging” is a long-term project that will be implemented over several editions. 


2018 - 2019 


2019 - 2020