INSIDE Création – Final Show “Place de la duchesse”

From February 5th to April 19th, the IYMF has collaborated with the Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles (TNWB) and three artists to implement the “Inside creation” project in a class of 14 to 17 year olds in Molenbeek, Brussels. The artists involved in this project were comedian and podcaster Caroline Berliner,  choreographer Milton Paulo, and percussionist Tom Malmendier.

Together with the students and their very enthusiastic teacher, they explored the concept of belonging to a neighbourhood through different artistic practices: music, dance, sound recording. During the workshop sessions, the students discovered a variety of ways to express themselves and to discover each other under a different light. They explored their neighbourhood in small groups, microphone in hand, to collect stories and anecdotes from the inhabitants and workers of the “Place de la duchesse” neighbourhood and they had the opportunity to visit the recording studio of the Théâtre National to record their own stories about the Place de la duchesse and their own homes.

During other sessions, they played games focused on the sound of percussions and how their bodies move throughout the space, learning how to appropriate a stage to themselves through movement and synchronization.

The achievement of those workshops consisted on a 40 minute presentation on stage of the Theatre National Wallonie-Bruxelles on April 19th, during the “A la scene comme à la ville” festival. Approximately 300 people attended the presentation, including cultural sector stakeholders, families and friends, which was a unique opportunity for the students, who were very proud of themselves.