Jean-yves Bardoul


Jean-Yves Bardoul is what is called a “green” musician. He organises sound-focused walks, during which he leads people along previously researched paths, deciphers the sound environment and makes birdsong more familiar through listening and reproducing the sound landscapes. These walks are also a pretext for encounters with the plants along the path, which might be used for example for making decoys. Jean-Yves also creates shows. The one which he performs the most is called “Normalement, ça marche” (it should be working). His performance is based on his twin passions: music and nature. A dandelion stalk, an ivy leaf, an armful of chestnut branches… anything becomes a music instrument in his hands. On stage, Jean-Yves is a green storyteller and an advocate for truancy. This passionate, talented artist is also a storytelling violinist who makes nature sing. Finally, the main purpose is to share our dreams and turn them into reality.

Art form: musician, violinist