Miguel Arcos


A musician and painter from Ecuador, Miguel is constantly looking for sounds and colours. He has recreated an Andean palette in his search for the primeval inspiration. He makes us think of the organic matter of clay and the multicoloured plant world echoing through deep forests, getting ever closer to the secret sanctuary in which sounds become reality in the face of the incessant destruction of the earth. Miguel, who plays a great many instruments and builds some original ones, invents his own sound environment with the help of his instruments – a sundry collection of objects which sing, cry or whisper in his hands. The instruments help him create a colourful sound environment which seems to emerge from a unique and strange collage in which metal, wood, plastic and other materials enter into a dialogue within a contemporary meeting inspired by improvisation, mythology and tradition. Miguel currently plays in acoustic and electro-acoustic groups, always on the look-out for new horizons and gradually managing to weave music and painting into one single story. Miguel’s constant search for sounds and colours has inevitably led him to developing his environmental awareness and the need to share his artistic ideals with the greatest possible number of people.

Art form: musician and painter