Milton Paulo


After completing training in contemporary dance in his native Brazil in 1994, Milton followed additional courses at the Colégio de Dança do Ceará in 1999. He took classes in drama, acrobatics, movement analysis, contact improvisation and yoga. He also completed a course in Brussels on the muscle and articulation chains’ GDS method. As a dancer, he joined the cast of the As Palavras cie Claudio Bernardo in 2000 and took part in several shows, including “Le Sacre – O Sacrifício” in 2000, “Paixão” in 2002, “The Waves” in 2004, “Nomes” in 2005 and an improvisation evening performance entitled “Mouvements pour Etude sur les Effets” with the “Musique Nouvelle” Ensemble conducted by Jean-Paul Dessy playing music by Philippe Libois. Milton also took part in a creation entitled “Standing Wave” with the Bud Blumenthal/Hybrid Cie (at the Danse d’Arcadi, Festival Hors Saison in Paris). As a contributor and a dance teacher, Milton has worked for a few years on an educational session integrating dance concepts into the development of an awareness of movement through somatic experience (body practices with the aim of tuning in to oneself and restoring a more organic rhythm between the structures and systems of the whole body). As a choreographer, Milton has worked on a number of shows. For the 2008-2009 season, he set to work on a new creation with choreographer and dancer Raffaella Pollastrini, developing a duo on the concepts of losing one’s bearings and being uprooted.

Art form: dancer, contemporary