MUSILIB: towards inclusive, creative and digital education

The Project

MUSILIB is the project that develops the MultiLib E-Library with new languages and e-books, and with music soundtracks for each children’s story, played with traditional instruments of each culture featured in them.

Local musicians along with musicians of ethnic minority cultures play together and create original music pieces inspired to the stories.


MUSILIB develops also the Children’s Multicultural Music Instruments Library’ with images and stories of each traditional instrument used by the musicians.


Furthermore, MUSILIB designs the Teacher Video Kit to empower teachers in the use of creative writing, storytelling, making music and dancing a story.


To complete this innovative set of resources, the project develops the ‘MUSILIB by Children – Children’s multimedia stories inspired by music instruments’, with stories, sound-tracks and illustrations created by children and inspired to the Multicultural Music Instrument Library.


All are Open Educational Resources, freely accessible on this platform and on the Coursevo.

2020 activities & outputs

Teacher Kit

The Teacher Video Kit empowers the teachers in the use of creative writing, storytelling, making music and dancing a story. It is strictly connected to the Output 5 in which children create their own MUSILIB stories. .

Through this output, teachers will be helped in the task of scaffolding their children in the activities.

The Output is created for an autonomous use by teachers across Europe.  

It comprises 9 How-to videos and has three sessions:

– Writing and telling a story

– Soundtracking a story

– Dancing a story

The teacher Video kit is an an Open Educational Resource, freely available online on the project online platform and on the Coursevo platform, under Creative Commons license, and therefore downloadable and usable by the global education community.

MUSILIB by children : Children’s multimedia stories inspired by music instruments

MUSILIB by Children is an extension of the existing library where the partners have added a section of Stories created by primary school children of the partner countries/.

The children have created their stories during some workshops and have added the music to the stories . Videos of their performances are part of this MUSILIB section. The partners have worked with the teachers and artists in scaffolding the children during the production of their stories, by following the didactic approach of Output 4. The stories have one or more music instruments of the Library (Output 3) as characters or just as elements of the stories.

The children stories have been uploaded on the project website and are available on line.


Upscaling of MultiLib Library into ‘MUSILIB Library for Children in Europe’

The materials produced into the MUSILIB project has been adapted to the existing MultiLib platform with professional graphic layout and search engine so that the new online platform is the ‘MUSILIB Library for Children in Europe’.



IYMF organized two multiplier events to share MUSILIB outcomes and valuable resources among the MUS-E Network that we are coordinating.

In May 2020 and in November 2020, IYMF has organized two multiplier events presenting the outputs above mentioned to the members of the MUS-E Network. The resources created in the context of the MUSILIB project can and should be used among the network and national organizations. These resources will in the long-term equip teachers and artists with new skills and pedagogical tools to be used in schools, they will also reinforce and support them to adapt to digital education as well as music education and learning.