Patries Wichers


Patries Wichers was born in 1959 in the Netherlands from Indonesian parents.She trained as a painter in the Royal Art Academy of ’s-Hertogenbosch (NL) with a degree in Pedagogy and Didactics for artists.Until 2000, she worked on a painting career with exhibitions and grants. Patries Wichers worked also in fashion and theatre and thanks to this experience still draws a lot of inspiration for working with children.In 1991, during her first journey in Indonesia, she had an encounter with traditional and contemporary singing on Java and Bali, recognition of something deep inside of her….From 1994, she starts using her voice working with other people: The Bald and Beautiful: jazz-standards, Vinyl Dumbbells: funk-rock.Since 1998, she created Bateau Lavoir:(practising and performing), Free Improvisation (collaborations with: Archie Shepp-NY, Tri-Factor-Chicago).Since 2000 she is working with children in the MUS-E project and different museums (Fine Arts, Ethnographic and Contemporary Arts).

Art form: multidisciplinary artist