MUS-E® Academy

Launched in 2016, this new programme brings MUS-E® artists into the corporate sphere to train business people. Like our programme in schools, the aim is to stimulate new ways of thinking and to combat racist or socially excluding behaviours and attitudes.

Live Performances

Since 1992, the Foundation has united the voices of different cultures in more than 50 live concerts and dance performances, featuring both world-renowned artists and newcomers. Before his death in 1999, Yehudi Menuhin presented among others Stéphane Grappelli, Ravi Shankar, Marcel Marceau and Myriam Makeba on stage. The tradition continues today, with famous names such as Jorge Chaminé continuing to voice Yehudi Menuhin’s powerful message of harmony through music.

Art Laboratories

In the framework of lifelong learning, these international workshops offer artists from the 13 countries where the MUS-E® programme is active an opportunity to share their skills and develop new techniques for exploring the arts with children. Lasting several days, these workshops also include discipline-specific master classes facilitated by leading experts in their field.

MUS-E® Artists

More than 1,000 Ambassador Artists, across all artistic disciplines, are engaged with the Foundation. Their approach is rooted in the values of intercultural dialogue: listening to oneself and others, reciprocal enrichment and the negotiation of a peaceful and creative way of living together. Our Ambassador Artists also benefit from initiatives under the patronage of the Foundation such as artist residences and international collaboration projects.