Thierry Van Roy


Thierry Van Roy is a music alchemist. He has travelled all over the world, exploring the past and the future to create music born of cultures which have never met before. A composer, self-taught musician and music producer (Melanie Gabriel/Taïga Maya, Abdelli, Farafina, The Black Slavics etc.) and sound engineer (Insas), he is also an independent radio producer (music documentaries in Cape Verde, Angola, Yakutia, Mexico, Azerbaijan, trance music in Africa, shamanic music, green music, etc.), a video clip producer/editor (Taïga Maya) and a stage musician (Abdelli, Melanie Gabriel). Thierry also developed the concept of “music-fiction©”, creating music which could have existed by rewriting history. For the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation, Thierry conducts music creation seminars and contributed to the programming of the Foundation’s world music concerts. He is particularly concerned with the disappearance of traditional cultures and works on their transmission in the modern age. His work philosophy is to create new, unheard-of music on the basis of different traditions, explore the hugely diverse range of sounds and instruments on our planet, and use music to transform humans and society.For him, art is the royal pathway enabling man to transcend himself and make society a better place. It is a language above all languages. When artists of whatever origin get together to create a piece, there is always a powerful, magic moment when “something” happens. Thierry is permanently looking for these moments of grace which transform him every time.Practising shamanic techniques for the past few years has changed his vision of the world and of art. If you consider that everything that has a shape is inhabited by a spirit – as is taught by all the shamanic traditions – you cannot but have infinite respect for your surroundings, starting with nature and those living in it. The capacity to create is simply the capacity to connect yourself to the universe and this is the direct source of art.

Art form: artistic producer